Egress Windows

Add natural light and a safe escape

With a perfect new living space in your home, Basement 123 can provide a professionally installed egress window that will meet all local and state of Michigan regulations.

Types of egress windows

  • Double hung windows
  • Sliding windows

Window accessories

  • Egress window wells
  • Well covers / grates

Egress Window Installation

For safety purposes, egress windows need to be large enough for a person to escape in the case of an emergency. Basement 123 will always ensure that your basement and egress windows are in accordance with local building code.

Our egress installation will include a well with steps or ladder for easy entry and exiting, and a cover to keep debris out and prevent anyone from falling in to the well.

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Basement Egress Windows

Basement 123 will install any style of egress window of your choice. Aside from being a mandatory safety feature for finished basements, egress windows will allow a lot more natural light in to your remodeled basement.

Sliding Egress Window


Sliding Egress Window


Egress Wells

Wells are required by building code as part of the egress window itself. The well plays an important safety roll with your egress system, it is the next step after exiting through the window.


Egress Covers

Well covers will add style a bit of style to your basement egress window as well as keeping the area safe. A good egress cover will prevent people, pets, yard from falling in to the well and allow plenty of natural light in to the well.