Basement Bathrooms

Install a basement bathroom

Basement 123 will help locate the best area for your basement bathroom installation. Once the proper area is determined, we will walk you through the steps of the required plumbing and, with help of your direction, we design and install the following:

Basement bathroom plumbing

Our plumbers are certified. They will install all of the necessary plumbing for your basement bathroom to be fully functional. We start with the core functionality of the bathroom, the DWV (drain, waste, ventilation) system. We will locate and direct the plumbing and ventilation according code in your basement bathroom. Once plumbing is installed, Basement 123 will carry out the vision for your new bathroom.

Basement Bathrooms checklist

  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Shower / Bath Fixtures
  • Cabinetry & Storage
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical

Safety checklist

  • Ventilation
  • Non-slip surfaces
  • Grab bars
  • Walk-in tubs

Why install a basement bathroom?

Adding an additional bathroom to your basement will add value to your home and give your family and guests a higher level of convenience.

Get started on your Basement Bathrooms today!

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